San Diego Institution Services


If you are an attraction in San Diego and want more visitors to come to your establishment, you’re in the right place. The Wanderer Guides specializes in bringing visitors to San Diego’s best and brightest cultural institutions, museums and not-to-be-missed places.

We want visitors to know what our cultural institutions have to offer and be inspired (and motivated!) to visit. We act as representatives for your non-profit to the major hotels and visitor centers in San Diego.

  • We provide top hotels, concierge stands and information hubs with your cultural institution’s information. Don’t you wish you had a salesperson in all people outside your museum? Salespeople who talk up your establishment and give great sales pitches to visitors inquiring about fun things to do in the city? We ensure you do through providing up-to-date information on all current exhibitions. We include information about your institution and your exhibitions, and we also include a sales pitch for visitors to hear/read. We provide locations with an easy access portfolio of all your institution’s information.
  • We stay up-to-date on your happenings. No other company loves culture like we do. We go out of our way to visit your institution at least once a month and upon the opening of every new collection, piece or exhibition. We make sure all the information is current to all visitor hubs, including selling points, exhibitions, information sheets we provide and brochures.
  • We promote via social media for your institution. We highlight the cultural happenings around San Diego for both visitors and locals. Our blog, Facebook, Flickr, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter are the go-to resource for people exploring San Diego–be included on it!

We want your establishment to succeed! Our prices are affordable and realistic to give you the winning edge with visitors.

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