How to Stay Safe at Night

“Better a thousand times careful than once dead.”  Proverb

Safety doesn’t happen by accident. It takes precaution and knowing the environment around us. Now that it’s starting to get darker earlier, it’s even more important to keep safe. Here are some ideas to keep safe when walking to your car/home at night:

  • Don’t Walk Alone. It’s always safer to walk in numbers, whether it’s your burly roommate or the person you chat with by the water cooler.
  • Walk in Well Lit Areas and Along Main Pathways. Don’t take that shortcut through the pitch black canyon or the sketchy alley just because it saves you 2 minutes.
  • Avoid Large Bushes, Dark Doorways, Etc. We have a lot of these areas in San Diego—be aware because people can be lurking.
  • Don’t Use Headphones/Listen to Music. It makes you disconnected from your environment.
  • Be Careful Crossing Streets. It’s harder for cars to see you (especially those of us who wear lots of dark colors!).
  • Walk with Purpose. Keep your head up and walk like you know what you’re doing.
  • Don’t Play with Your Phone, Etc. It’s easier to attack someone who’s distracted and oblivious.
  • Keep a Whistle or Something You Can Use As a Weapon Handy. You’ll be prepared to at least scare off any potential attacker.
  • Walk on the Side of the Road Opposing Traffic If You Walk Along the Street. This may be pretty obvious but so are a lot of things we all should know…
  • If You See Something that Makes You Nervous, Avoid. I’ve walked along the street instead of walking on the sidewalk because of suspicious looking people.  Do the same if you sense even a slight potential of danger.

5 Essential Garden Products

5 Best Gardening Tools from The Wanderer Guides. #gardening #gardenideas #ideas #cool #garden

Gardening, just like any worthwhile pursuit, requires work, and when we work in the garden, it can be a sweaty affair. Today let’s go over five favorite products to make our labor of love a little more lovely (especially on my lower back…):

  1. Spade Tipped Large Shovel. Spade tip shovels are pointy enough to cut through tough ground and roots but with a large enough head to transfer dirt efficiently. I tend to break the wooden handles on these guys with the clay soil we have in San Diego. The one I recommend is the True Tough Longhandle from Lowes. This beauty has a fiberglass handle with great grip and has taken the hardest loads I can deal out. Plus it’s got a great wide step to push in to the ground so you don’t slip off or hurt your feet.
  2. Multi-Use Hand Trowel. Hand trowels were always my least favorite tool because I wanted to use it for more things than just moving dirt from a bag to a pot. The one I’ve got now is a true renaissance tool…the Corona Hand Weeder can do it all! It’s called a weeder because it has a forked end on it and a great curve that helps you pry up the most stedfast weeds. It’s got a serrated edge that works great to open bags of soil and cut roots and even small branches. And it’s perfectly designed to transplant since it easily cuts through dirt and the curve helps lift the plants from the bottom.
  3. Strong Loppers. There’s a ton of options for cutting tools in the garden but if you’ve got a good set of loppers, you can tackle most tasks. I bought a pair of Corona’s heavy duty orchard loppers. Strong loppers are a great all around trimming tool. They cut through everything with ease and have withstood some of the thickest branch cuts on our old lilac tree.
  4. Pruning Saw. These guys come in handy for all the limbs that are too thick for those loppers. The best pruning saws cut in both directions–you cut as much when you pull as when you push. The best I’ve seen in the area are made by Florian and I got them at the Del Mar Fair (it will never be the San Diego County fair to me). These guys not only cut in both directions but they don’t get stuck when the saw bends a little. We used these this summer to fell a 50-foot tall macadamia nut tree. I prefer the non-folding kind: less parts to break! 
  5. Hand Pruners. Hand pruners are the final tool I keep in my belt (I even have a folding one in my work bag for pruning on the go). I’ve got several pairs of these guys but the ones I like the most are Centurian’s Classic Pruners. They have a Titanium blade that holds its sharp edge forever and the locking mechanism seems to withstand even some occational rusting (Don’t let this happen! Clean and put away your tools!). The grip is nice and it has a sturdy construction that keeps the blades from bending.

5 Theatre Picks for Fall in San Diego

Theatre Picks in San Diego. #picasso #cool #theatre #sandiego

It’s Fall! The season brings many things, and today’s focus is the wonderful shows that are starting at theaters around SD. Here are 5 theatre picks to check out before the season ends:

  1. The Last Goodbye. The Old Globe hosts a musical version of Romeo and Juliet. How can you go wrong? Just opened on Sunday.
  2. Wait Until Dark. The concept of this thriller is so intriguing to me. A blind woman is terrorized and the play is directed/produced in such a way to create massive suspense in the audience. I’m debating if it’s too scary for me…Happening at the New Village Arts Theatre.
  3. A Weekend with Pablo Picasso. Spend some time getting to know the famous artist in this interesting play. Go soon because performances end on October 6th.
  4. SPANK! The Fifty Shades Parody. Happening for one weekend only at the Balboa Theatre…you know you want to see it!
  5. The 39 Steps. If you like Hitchcock, you have to go see this play at The Horton Grand at the end of October. It’s the play version of one of his spy thrillers and I’m all on board!

10 Things To Do This Weekend in San Diego (9/21-9/22)

Happenings in San Diego. #sandiego  #music #travelideas #cute

Here are 10 fun things to do in San Diego this weekend (September 21 and 22, 2013):

  1. Jam on at the Carlsbad Music Festival all weekend long. Whether you like classical, jazz or pop, you’ll have fun at this festival and its long list of performers.
  2. Exhibits. Opening this weekend: Best of Nature Photography at San Diego Natural History Museum (Tuesday), Lost in the Memory Place at MCASD: La Jolla, Scripps on Prospect at MCASD: La Jolla, Dana Montlack: Sea of Cortez at MCASD: La Jolla, Outside at Oceanside Museum of Art, Jim Machacek at La Jolla Athenaeum and Roots at La Jolla Athenaeum. Closing this weekend: Pictures of the Year International at Museum of Photographic Arts, Volcanos and Full Moons at Oceanside Museum of Art and Ain’t Nothing Like a Dame at Spanish Village art Center (Monday).
  3. Get a tan at the Chula Vista HarborFest. Happening on Saturday, the Fest features art, music, activities, harbor activities and food.
  4. Walk around the Arts Alive on the Coastal Rail Trail on Sunday. Music, food and art, along with the official reopening of the 101.
  5. Enjoy the weekend with the Mira Mesa Street Fair on Saturday. Entertainment, crafts, food and a well stocked beer garden–yes!
  6. Have a ball at the Pacific Islander Festival 2013. The Festival features cool music, fun dance, yummy food and great people watching. And it’s happening all weekend!
  7. Bring the fam to the Hullabaloo Family Arts Festival at the Del Mar Fairgrounds on Saturday. This celebration of music, dance, art and more is sure to be a fun time.
  8. Listen to some tunes at the Julian Music Festival on Saturday. It’s the 44th year to celebrate music and the end of the Summer in Julian and it’ll be a fun one.
  9. Say ‘om’ at the One Love Yoga San Diego event on Sunday. If you’re a newbie yogini, active yogi or are practically buddha, you’ll enjoy this great yoga event at the Del Mar Fairgrounds.
  10. Celebrate Fall at the 2013 Encinitas Oktoberfest. Yes, Fall activities are starting! Go to one of the first Oktoberfest festivities in SD!

*Bonus: BunnyFest 2013…Sunday…Balboa Park…yes, bunnies!

10 Things To Do This Weekend in San Diego (9/14-9/15)

San Diego Happenings. #sandiego #cool

Here are 10 fun things to do in San Diego this weekend (September 14 and 15, 2013):

  1. Check out some great art and artists at the Coronado Art Walk. Happening at the Coronado Ferry Landing, the event will feature activities, entertainment and lots of creative expression all weekend long.
  2. Exhibits. Opening this weekend: Beyond the Books II at USD, First Impressions at USD and Matices de las Americas 2013 at Centro Cultural de la Raza. Closing this weekend: Looking For Things: Jay Johnson at Oceanside Museum of Art.
  3. Have some fun at the South Bay Pride 2013. The Saturday schedule includes music, entertainment, art, dancing, fun, wine and more at Bayfront Park in Chula Vista.
  4. Cruise the San Diego Bayfair today thru Sunday. If you like boats, sun and beer, you’ll have fun at this cool event.
  5. Meander through the Santee Bluegrass Festival. Music, activities, food and drinks. We think that makes it the place to be on Saturday!
  6. Fill up at the Latin Food Fest thru Sunday. With the 14 events that started yesterday, there’s something for everyone. If it’s all sold out before you get your chance, get started on San Diego Restaurant Week 2013! It starts Sunday and goes thru the 20th.
  7. Join the House of Finland for their Lawn Program on Sunday. The International Cottages will be filled with lively dance and music.
  8. Celebrate the Autumn Harvest at the 11th Annual San Diego Pagan Pride Festival in Balboa Park. The Saturday festival features entertainment, workshops and community.
  9. Party in Old Town for Mexican Independence Day. For the Fiesta Patrias, there will be music, games, activities and food on Sunday. Be sure to check out the Junipero Serra Museum while you’re there for their fun activities!
  10. Get active on Saturday at the Total Health Fest in Liberty Station. The family-friendly fest gets your body moving with activity stations, and you might learn a thing or two while you’re there.